Don’t Buy Bed Sheets Until You Learn the Truth About Bedding!

Don’t Buy Bed Sheets Until You Learn the Truth About Bedding!

I’ve tried every sheet set possible and you won’t believe what I discovered.

Buying the correct bed sheets in the hope of getting a good night’s sleep comes down to a few key points: Comfort, Quality, Value for your Money, and Sleeping Temperature.

The vast majority of sheets sold in the United States are cotton, flannel, and polyester sheets. These are popular because they have been around the longest and people are most familiar with them. However, new weaving technologies and performance fabrics are changing the bedding industry. Bamboo bed sheets are one of these newer fabrics and have gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years because of their superior benefits. The majority of Bamboo bed sheets can be quite expensive to purchase, however, I discovered the company ‘Zen Home Collection’ that has been getting a lot of media attention and coverage for their amazingly priced and super soft Bamboo bedding!

We wanted to see what made these sheets so special, so we ordered a set of the Zen Home Collection Queen Bamboo Bed sheets.

Zen Home Collection boasts of some pretty amazing features:

  • Antibacterial & Allergy Free

  • Thermal Regulating Fabric

  • Durable Performance Fabric

It’s easy to think these are just fancy marketing terms, but after trying these sheets I can honestly say that the Zen Home Collection sheets check all of these boxes and more! The sheets arrived about 1 day after the order was placed, and I quickly took them out and washed them. I was amazed that the sheets felt softer after being washed than before. This usually isn’t the case with sheet sets. That night I tried them out and they were incredible! I never thought that a great set of bed sheets could improve your sleep, but I felt it really made a difference.

The next morning I woke up feeling relaxed and rested. There’s no better feeling than sleeping on a set of new, clean sheets! I was surprised how I didn’t wake up at any point in the night feeling hot or cold, which was also a real plus. The sheet set is advertised as having anti-bacterial properties that can help prevent bacteria or other things like bed bugs. That helps give some peace of mind if you are buying a set for your kids’ beds and it’s nice to not have to worry about waking up feeling sweaty or dirty.

We got to talk to the makers of ‘Zen Home Collection’ and share our experience with them. They gave us some great perspective on what it’s been like providing such a superior product at a price that anyone can afford. “When we started, we anticipated low, but consistent sales volume at first… with a modest marketing budget we thought that it would take several years to achieve any meaningful scale. To our utter shock, sales took off faster than our wildest expectations. As customers were experiencing luxurious sleep on our resort-quality sheets for the first time, they couldn’t help but tell friends and family as soon as possible! We’re incredibly grateful for our customers and love giving them the gift of amazing sleep night after night.” While Zen Home Collection’s sales have taken off like a rocket… you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand how they have grown so fast. Customers simply love these bed sheets. They feel amazing and come in a wide variety of color options. With 4-piece sets starting at a mere $57, customers are getting a remarkable value for the cost.

Below are some of the key features of the ‘Zen Home Collection Bamboo Bed Sheet Set’ that we got from their website.

Unbelievable Comfort

You spend one-third of your life asleep. Does anyone want to be uncomfortable for a third of their life? We certainly don’t believe in that, which is why we set out to make bed sheets that are incredibly comfortable and dreamy soft.

The unforgettable softness comes from our cutting-edge technology that spins and weaves incredibly fine fabric. Customers have compared the feeling to cashmere or fine silk.

Temperature & Moisture Regulation

Bamboo is a wonderful material with a wide-range of natural benefits. One of these benefits is the ability to wick away moisture. This is critical for a good night’s sleep, because moisture creates humidity, and humidity leads to a night full of additional heat and discomfort.

Bamboo sheets are exceptional at regulating temperature in all seasons, keeping you cool in summer months, and cozy & warm in the winter. You’ll sleep like a baby year-round!

Temperature regulation is especially critical for expecting mothers, as well as those that suffer night sweats or are currently going through menopause.

Antibacterial & Hypoallergenic

Our Zen Home Collection Bamboo Bed Sheets are naturally both antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Our sheets’ ability to reduce moisture discourages one of the most common and frustrating causes of allergies: dust mites. Because dust mites thrive in damp conditions, our sheets can reduce their presence significantly.

This is especially advantageous for parents of small children, since small children are more sensitive to allergens and diseases than adults are. You can improve the overall health and quality of your child’s sleep with our Twin-Size Bamboo Sheets.


Price savings aside, the look and feel of these sheets are something you really can’t pass up. They are elegant and timeless.

I’m also surprised to report that after a few weeks and several washes, they are still as strong as when they first arrived. Also, I can feel them getting even softer with each wash!

After speaking with the owners, I developed a deep appreciation for how they conduct business. “We don’t seek out in-store placement, and as a result we’re not stuck paying middlemen. We distribute these products ourselves and have invested the bulk of our money into product quality and durability. We see most companies doing things in reverse. They make cheap and sub-par products that they mark up to ridiculous prices to cover their retail placement and marketing expenses.”

If you’re not getting amazing sleep every single night then I believe you are in need of a new set. In nearly all cases, the Zen Home Collection Bamboo Sheets are a significant upgrade. They offer a variety of sizes from Twin, Full, Queen, King, to California King. Don’t go another night with less than perfect sleep, order yours today!

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